A beer house since 1836, the Red Lion consistently seeks to reiterate its founding principles.
However the miserable landlord has reluctantly attempted to embrace modernity whilst deliberately maintaining a firm grip on the pubs heritage.
With 9 cask-ales on offer (including a Mild), 2-3 Ciders (apples) and a Perry (pears) (NB No pear-ciders?), 4 authentic German Lagers, guest lager, Fruit & Wheat Beers and 30+ Belgian Bottles, the Lions heritage is visibly cherished.
Now even the grumpy Chef has accepted the 1970’s are over. The lunch-time menu is joined by our evening menu (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat) and with exceptional Sunday Roasts, the Red Lion food offering can truly claim to be traditional with a modem twist.
The Red Lion deliberately aims to continue being a traditional pub with a quality drink offering that embraces the need for quality food. With an eye to modernity the Red Lion even accepts children who can prove they have well behaved and responsible parents.

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